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The long-awaited MB WhatsApp 2024 latest official version has arrived. It is vying for the mod of WhatsApp crown, thanks to some new and unique features. MB WhatsApp combines almost all the demanding features with a personalisable theme design, upgraded software data protection settings, and improved privacy features, which makes it stand out from traditional WhatsApp. The software has attracted users from over 190 countries and territories, with millions of downloads per day, and still has tens of millions of active users, sending over 100 million messages per day. To learn the latest reviews and download WhatsApp MB 2024 latest version, head down to our official website.

1000 Striking Stickers

4000 Vivid Themes

Send 90 Images at Once

Support Dual Accounts

Sending Large Files

Hide Online Status

Built-in Security Lock

Show Blue Ticks after Reply

MB WhatsApp Download 2024

Latest version: V9.95 | Updated July 2023 | website: www.MBwhats.app

MB WhatsApp Oficial
What Is MB WhatsApp?

What Is MB WhatsApp?

MB WhatsApp is designed and developed by an APK’s third-party developer—Stefano YJ. MB WhatsApp 2024 latest version’s security and privacy settings, additional personalisation options, and expanded file transfer restrictions have all contributed to its global popularity. The addition of features such as hide online status, block specific contact Calls, and the change to bubbles style reflects the dedication of the developers. MB WhatsApp is now a famous mobile chat app in over 190 countries and territories.

Download WhatsApp MB 2024

MB WhatsApp 2024 Latest Version V9.95 Info

Here below is the basic information about the latest version of MB WhatsApp, download WhatsApp MB and expore its greater charm by yourself!

App NameVersionLast UpdatedSizeLicenseRequires AndroidLanguage
MB WhatsAppV9.95One Day Ago55.7 MBFree5.0 or AboveMulti-Language Support
App NameMB WhatsApp
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago
Size55.7 MB
Requires Android5.0 or Above
LanguageMulti-Language Support

Download MB WhatsApp 2024

Differences Between MB WhatsApp & Original WhatsApp

Every single one of the clever features that MB WhatsApp offers is in high demand. Here are some of the popular features of MB WhatsApp that you won’t find in the original WhatsApp. Look for the features you’ve been waiting for!

Original WhatsApp

Video Status Limit: 30 Seconds
Media File Limit: 16 MB
Convert Video to GIF: 6 Seconds
Image Share Limit: Máximo 30
Audio and Video File Size: 16 MB
Images or Videos Sharing Limit: 30 at once
Broadcast Contacts Limit: 256 Contacts
Forward Limit: Maximum 10
Status Characters Limit: 50 Characters
Maximum Group Capacity: 256 Characters
Pin Chats: Only 3

MB WhatsApp

Video Status Limit: 5 Minutes
Media File Limit: 1G
Convert Video to GIF: 30 Seconds
Image Share Limit: Maximum 100
Audio and Video File Size: 1G 
Images or Videos Sharing Limit: 90 at once
Broadcast Contacts Limit: 1024 Contacts
Forward Limit: Maximum 250
Status Characters Limit: 255 Characters
Maximum Group Capacity: 600 Characters
Pin Chats: Maximum 100
Hide Double Blue Check Marks
Themes Store
Built-in Chat & App Lock
Hide Last Seen
Anti-Delete Messages
Different Font Styles
Automatic Custom Reply
DND Mode

Why Choose MB WhatsApp?

Like its predecessor—traditional WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp has sending and receiving messages, images audio, and video services. However, these basic feature is far from the user’s expectation. A user needs something extra, or some freedom when using an application.

MB WhatsApp is a great alternative for users who don’t appreciate restrictions. It is for tech geeks and is as reliable as regular WhatsApp. Limitation in MB WhatsApp is not as harsh as WhatsApp. You have the liberty to change the layout with tens of thousands of fonts and themes. Enjoy replying to your friends automatically, hiding all possible things, and modifying anything you want.

Features of MB WhatsApp

Other Smart Features of MB WhatsApp

High Privacy & Security

Hide Online Status

MB WhatsApp allows users to hide their online status. If you don’t want specific contacts to see your online status and focus on the task at hand, simply go to the Settings → “Privacy” section and click to enable “Hide online status”.

Freeze Last Seen

MB WhatsApp’s latest version has the option to hide last seen with no other restrictions. It allows users to see the last seen of your contacts and others will not be able to see your click on the three dots on the app home page Settings → Privacy → toggle the switch to freeze last seen.

Show Blue Ticks Only After Reply

Users sometimes are busy and don’t have time to reply can lead to misunderstandings on the other side. MB WhatsApp is a boon for those who are plagued by these problems. It can show a blue tick only after you have replied, avoiding the inability to reply to messages in time.

Download WhatsApp MB 2024

Highly Customizable

Themes Store

There are thousands of cool themes in the new version of MB WhatsApp. These themes change the colours and various parts of the regular WhatsApp according to different styles, and it greatly enhances the visual experience of the user. Users who prefer other themes can also import external themes via XML files.

New Emoji Variants

MB WhatsApp’s latest version can be used with Apple Emoji or Facebook Emojis. MB WhatsApp offers more fun and more emotive emoji to express yourself, such as Old Stock Emoji, Facebook, Emoji One V3, Android P, and more.

App Launcher & Notifications Icons

If you want to give the ever-present WhatsApp icon a bit of a twist, then MB WhatsApp has you covered. It comes with a bunch of different coloured styles of app launcher icons, pick your favourite notification icons and change them instantly.

Different Fonts

If you don’t like the default fonts on WhatsApp or want a different style, grab the latest version of MB WhatsApp. It contains a range of stylish and innovative or traditional fonts, and once downloaded users can switch between fonts to suit their reading habits in seconds. Download WhatsApp MB to enjoy above and many more different customisation features.

mb whatsapp Highly Customizable

Improving Software Security

Call Blocker

Call blocker in MB WhatsApp allows users to hand-pick a number of regular contacts themselves and give them the right to call them, thus effectively blocking calls from strangers and also avoiding talking to people they don’t like.

Do Not Disturb Mode

When you are very busy working and don’t want to be disturbed, MB WhatsApp supports you in activating the DND feature as well as turning off notifications and alerts. Protecting you from outside distractions and being more productive.

Much Demanding

Media Sharing

When sharing files, the original WhatsApp set MB video WhatsApp limit to 16MB and a maximum of 30 photos at a time. Not to mention the need for some users to send 100 MB WhatsApp files. Fortunately, MB WhatsApp stretched the media sending size limit to 1GB and the photo sharing size limit to 90 photos.

Anti-Delete Messages

MB WhatsApp offers an anti-deletion function in every chat log. When you receive a private message or group text message, you will still be able to see it when you are in the software interface, even if the other person deletes it immediately.

Anti-Delete Status

MB WhatsApp will give you an unfair advantage. Simply put, activating the Anti-Delete Status feature allows users to see stories that have been deleted by other contacts. This is an advantage over traditional WhatsApp and allows you to keep a close eye on what your friends are up to.

Download WhatsApp MB 2024

How to Download and Install MB WhatsApp?

Install MB WhatsApp

Step 1. To start, download the MB WhatsApp file from our latest official website.

Step 2. Fire up Android Setting to enable “Unknown resource”.

Step 3. Open the download folder and run it.

Step 4. When it asks for confirmation, tap on the Install button.

Step 5. After successfully installing, use your phone number to log in.

MB WhatsApp Download 2024

People Also Asked

Q1. What Does MBWhatsApp Mean?

MB WhatsApp is a unit used to measure the amount of information a computer can store. While MB WhatsApp refers to a modified version of the traditional WhatsApp.

Q2. How to Send File Bigger than 64 MB on WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp MB limit in file size is not as strict as the original WhatsApp. Maximum MB WhatsApp has been extended to 1G, so MB WhatsApp can support sending files of 64 MB. MB WhatsApp allows users to use the same account as WhatsApp and can keep a full chat history. As long as the user download WhatsApp MB, logs in, and is ready to use.

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MB WhatsApp has become the preferred choice of traditional WhatsApp alternatives. Its rich features help to improve the experience for the regular user and the fanatic. To grab it, please click on the MB WhatsApp download button. Don’t forget to bookmark our official website to get timely version updates.

MB WhatsApp Download 2024

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